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23 Fun Things to Do on a No-Spend Weekend

Is your bank account begging you to take a time-out? Have you splurged one too many times recently, and need to get it together again?

If so, it may be time to take a “no spend weekend.”

The idea behind a no-spend weekend is pretty simple. For just a few days, you need to occupy yourself with fun things to do that don’t involve spending money. It can be one of many great ways to save money and kick-start a more frugal lifestyle change.

And remember, no-spend weekends do not mean no-FUN weekends. Far from it, actually. You may find that some of the weekends you spend no money at all are some of your best weekends.

23 Fun Things to Do with No Money

Many of these ideas can be done alone or with friends. But no matter the situation, you can do all of these without spending any money.

1. Decluttr your home.

Get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t need that’s just taking up space in your closet or garage. You’ll be organizing, thinning out, and may even make a few extra bucks. You can get a free valuation of your items through Decluttr. The company will pay you for your old electronics, games, books, and more.

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2. Organize and plan your money future.

Nobody wants to think about being old and gray, but it’s going to happen to everyone (at least hopefully).

The last thing you may want is to be old and not have any money. By taking some simple steps today to start investing, you can have a much higher quality of life in your later years.

For example, Personal Capital’s free investment planner allows you to look at all of your investments, bank accounts, loans, etc in one place and plan out how things will look years down the road.

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3. Set some new goals for yourself.

Goal setting is free, and everyone could probably benefit from doing it more often. Make it fun and create an event out of it! You can do this with your boyfriend, husband, parents, kids, friends, etc.

Whether it’s setting new financial goals, weight loss goals, or house organizing goals, making new goals for yourself is definitely one of those fun things to do with no money that sets you up for success.

4. Start running.

Use your no-spend weekend as the excuse you need to lace up those running shoes. If running is not your specialty, brisk walks, hikes, or bike rides will get your heart pumping as well.

5. Volunteer your time.

A lot of times people just spend money because they are bored. Or they want to buy stuff that they think will make them happy.

Focusing time and energy on volunteering, even if just a small amount, can actually do wonders for your wallet. And your community (which is way more important, when it’s all said and done).

Two volunteer gig examples are platelet donation with the American Red Cross, and volunteering at a local suicide and crisis hotline.

Volunteering for a cause you care about not only keeps you from spending money but it also gives you a sense of purpose as you give your time away to help others.

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6. Watch movies.

One of the most fun things to do with no money is to watch movies at home. It’s not exactly the most productive use of your time, but watching movies isn’t all that bad.

Even still, there are some clever hacks out there you can use to make money while watching Netflix.

You can also plow through a few surveys while you have your movies or shows running.

7. Host a family game night.

If your local family members only get together for holidays or birthdays, this is an easy way to bring everyone closer together without a special occasion.

You can also use this opportunity to spend time with friends without spending money on a night out.

8. Plan out your meals for the week.

Planning your meals ahead of time gives you a chance to be healthier AND reduce the number of times you end up eating out.

Meal planning and prepping definitely has its advantages. It just takes time to do it right, which is what makes it a perfect idea for your no-spend weekend.

9. Paint.

Do something artistic. Most people don’t exercise their creativity muscles enough.

If you have kids, get them going on a project too. You may be surprised to see what they come up with.

10. Go to the library.

Another fun thing to do with no money is to visit your local library. When was the last time you went to the library? Go find some awesome books and learn something new.

If you don’t want something quite so “academic,” go to Barnes and Noble instead and just hang out there for a while. It’s actually relaxing to sit in one of their comfy chairs and listen to jazz music while you flip through a book off the shelf.

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11. Make a budget.

Need to get a better grip on where all your money goes each month? You need a budget.

There are tons of amazing resources out there on making a budget. In our budgeting guide, you can take a peek at the most common budgeting methods and decide which one is right for you.

12. Walk your dog.

Some people just don’t take the time to walk their dogs. The good news about walking though is that it’s one of those fun things to do with no money. And both you and your pup could probably benefit from some fresh air every now and again.

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11 More No Spend Weekend Activities

13. Find a new hobby.

14. Clean your car.

15. Find new ways to make money online.

16. Do a good deed for someone else (that doesn’t cost money).

17. Help your kids (or other kids) with homework.

18. Find coupons for groceries you typically buy.

19. Download free music apps to listen to your favorite tunes.

20. Redesign a room in your house with what you have on hand.

21. Look for free stuff on Craigslist.

22. Download and play with money-making apps.

23. Plan a new home improvement project.

It’s easy to find free things to do when you put your mind to it. Can you think of any other fun things to do with no money? Let us know in the comments!

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