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15 Seasonal Jobs Hiring that Pay $10/Hr or More

When the holiday season has consumers opening their wallets at a frantic pace, it’s not uncommon to see retailers struggling to meet the sudden surge in demand.

But what you may not know is that employers too are on a frenetic spending spree – in the form of hiring new workers for seasonal jobs.

From traditional seasonal jobs at retailers like Kohl’s and Macy’s, to packing and delivery oriented jobs with shipping companies like FedEx and UPS, all the way to online jobs with tech giants like Amazon and Radial (eBay’s parent organization) – large companies are offering perks beyond just a base salary to lure in potential workers.

The competition between retailers to bring in new sources of labor bodes well for the typical job seeker.

Workers hired during this time of year typically get:

  • Better pay
  • Better benefits
  • Flexible hours (and more overtime opportunities)

If you’re out of a job, looking for more hours, or simply searching for new opportunities, you’ll be happy to know that the holiday season – coined the “hiring season” – is just around the corner.

“Temp” Jobs Can Lead to Full-Time Opportunities

FedEx truck

Many of the seasonal jobs posted are temporary (to help with the holiday rush) while others help fill vacant full-time positions; many have great benefits. Having your foot halfway in the door, even in a temporary role, is a great way to secure a more permanent position and advance your career.

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15 Places Hiring Seasonal Workers at $10 per Hour (or More)

1. Target

Target is hiring more than 100,000 new team members for its over 1,700 stores, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers across the world.

There are job openings in logistics, sales, cashiering, inventory management, and food services (some locations have cafe’s on-site).

Employees receive a 10% discount on Target merchandise and get 20% off grocery oriented purchases. They can also take 20% off the Simply Balance and C9 product lines normal purchase prices.

Current Openings:  104,500
Pay:  $11.00/hr and up
Apply:  Search Target Job Openings

2. UPS

UPS hires package handlers, drivers, and  “driver helpers” to help with the holiday rush.

According to the same spokesman, “over the last three years, about 35% of seasonal hires have become permanent” – a huge positive for someone looking for lengthier opportunities.

Current Openings:  95,000
Pay:  $10.20/hr and up (certain locations offer weekly bonuses of $100 to $200)
Apply:  Search UPS Job Openings

3. Teletech

Teletech helps larger retailers by providing tech support throughout the holidays with a network of work-from-home assistants.

They’re currently looking for about 250 work from home customer service representatives to help large e-commerce retailers track, fulfill and troubleshoot orders.

Current Openings:  about 250
Pay:  $10.00/hr and up
Apply:  Search Teletech Job Openings

4. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is looking for over 12,000 team members during the holidays to help fill their needs. Of note is the over 900 people they need to fill work-from-home jobs in virtual call centers in 25 states.

Openings include positions as a sales associate, stock crew member, cashier, order fulfillment associate, toy demonstrator, warehouse associate, HR assistant, and department managers.

Around 15 to 20 percent of seasonal hires become permanent team members.

Current Openings:  12,000
Pay:  $10.00/hr and up
Apply: Search Toys R Us Job Openings 

5. JCPenny

J.C. Penney’s is looking to add around 40,000 new cashiers and sales associates to their 875 retail stores in the United States. They’re also hiring operations associates to help with backroom inventory and merchandise replenishment.

Perks include a 5 percent discount on merchandise throughout the store.

Current Openings:  40,000
Pay:  $10.00/hr and up
Apply:  Search JCPenney’s Job Openings

6. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is getting in on the seasonal action and opening its doors to about 2,000 new sales, freight and distribution associates. Kohl’s sales associates typically help stock merchandise, provide customer service, fill online orders, and assist with credit operations.

Their freight and distribution associates typically help with order packaging and delivery.

Current Openings:  2,250
Pay:  $10.00/hr and up
Apply:  Search Kohl’s Job Openings

7. Radial

Radial is looking to fill over 23,000 open positions in its fulfillment and customer service centers. Workers help source and send the surge of orders the company is expecting over the holidays.

Wages for Radial’s seasonal workers are still being finalized but can go up to $16 an hour, according to a company spokesman. It is one of the highest paying seasonal jobs available. Employees will also have the opportunity to be brought on as permanent team members.

Current Openings:  23,000
Pay:  Up to $16.00/hr
Apply:  Search Radial Job Openings

8. Williams Sonoma

Looking to trade your time for a little bit of money and a hefty discount on products you love? Williams Sonoma has a deal that will be pretty hard for some kitchenware lovers to pass up. Williams Sonoma Inc, the parent company for popular brands such as the Pottery Barn and West Elm, is hiring up to 4,000 for its seasonal and work-from-home positions.

The best part? They offer a 40% employee discount on store merchandise and pay generally starts at $11+/hr. Expect these jobs to go fast.

Current Openings:  4,000
Pay:  Up to $11/hr + 40% employee discount
Apply:  Search Williams Sonoma Job Openings

9. Fed-Ex

FedEx Ground is looking for 50,000 new packagers and drivers this holiday season. If you think you can handle a warehouse or brave the elements, jobs start around $12 an hour for inventory management and drivers typically make $16 an hour or higher. Fed-Ex is another one of the highest paying seasonal jobs.

Current Openings:  50,000
Pay:  Starting at $12/hr in packaging; $16/hr+ for drivers
Apply:  Search FedEx Job Openings

10. Macy’s

Mac’s is looking to fill tens of thousands of seasonal jobs including those at their fulfillment facilities, online and over-the-phone customer service roles, and nearly 1,000 support staff for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and other holiday events.

Current Openings:  80,000
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search Macy’s Job Openings

11. Amazon

It’s no surprise that one of the world’s largest companies is looking for some serious manpower this time of year. Roles typically pay between $9 and $13 per hour and you have the flexibility to work in just about any setting you desire.

Most job openings are in its packaging and fulfillment areas but Amazon also has work-from-home opportunities that pay around $10/hr too.

Current Openings:  120,000
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search Amazon Job Openings

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12. 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers, alongside companies like FTD, are looking for customer service associates to help with the surge in holiday flower requests. Employees would be helping fulfill, track and troubleshoot the large volume of orders coming through during the Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day season (no need to worry about a crash course on becoming a florist although those positions are open too).

Temporary employees with good track records and great attendance are often invited to stay on as permanent team members.

Current Openings:  8,000
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search 1-800-Flowers Job Openings

13. Jo-Ann

“Retail’s biggest and most creative season is just around the corner, and JOANN is looking to hire thousands of seasonal employees for its 869 stores across the United States. To continue offering optimal customer service, product assistance, and project advice, JOANN is hiring 12,000 passionate team members to join their team across the nation for the holiday season,” according to a company spokesman.

Perks include a store-wide 20% discount on all products.

Current Openings: 12,000
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search Jo-Ann Job Openings

14. Michael’s

If you’re looking for a seasonal job with the highest prospect of getting brought on full-time, look no further. In 2016, 50% of seasonal hires ended up staying on as career employees. Furthermore, employees enjoy one of the stronger incentive programs in the industry with good benefits and a hearty 30% discount of items store-wide.

Current Openings: 30,000
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search Michael’s Job Openings

15. Burlington

According to the hiring mediator Glassdoor, Burlington is looking for “outgoing, upbeat, people…to work in a high-energy environment where associates work together to drive results. Employees “will enjoy a competitive wage, flexible hours, and an associate discount.” With over 590 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico odds are there is a location near you.

Current Openings: 4,200
Pay:  $10/hr and up
Apply:  Search Burlington Job Openings

Know of more jobs hiring seasonal workers? Share your suggestions of places hiring in the comments below.

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